Family succession traps

Snap Shot Complex tax rules apply to dealings with company shares. If a matter is not within your area of expertise seek specialist advice. You acted for the family when Celia’s parents, Tom and Mary, brought her into the family business by making her a shareholder....

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Changing Trustees and Landholder Duty Pain

Snap shot: Take care when preparing change of trustee documents. Consider the landholder duty provisions whenever shares in a company or units in a unit trust are being transferred in landholding entities. You are sitting in your office tucking into a quick lunch...

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A “Tail” of Woe….

As you drive to work after what had been an unusually stress-free morning getting the kids out the door, your phone starts to ring.  You see it is your client Fabio but you can’t really answer with your rowdy kids in the car so ignore it.  But it rings again, then...

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Don’t Always Run With The Sheep

Barry and Judith have owned a large rural property since 1993. They come to you to discuss selling a 22 acre block on which they live. The block is part of their larger rural property of 1,000 acres on which they conduct a farming business, which is situated close by....

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Buying and selling a property at the same time

Buying or selling property is widely accepted as one of life’s major stress factors. When you buy and sell property at the same time and try to complete both transactions together this can add considerably to the stress levels. This is known as a simultaneous...

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The devil is in the dating

Land tax and foreign beneficiaries It’s getting on for Christmas and you’ve had a hell of a rush – people seem to think the world will come to the end on Christmas Eve. A month or so ago Mary asked you to set up a discretionary trust to purchase a residential property...

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